February 11, 2011

What the...?? My Mubarak scenario

Mubarak's primary constituency has always been the military, of which he was a prince. When it became clear that the army needed a change of CEO in order to continue, they agreed to let him step down gracefully. The U.S. Government reinforced that option, both publicly and privately.

Last week, the army refused to crack down on peaceful protesters, partly because they weren't ready to be seen backing Mubarak. Mubarak used his own loyalists to turn the demonstrations into battlefields, and the military lost its resolve -- but only temporarily. Yesterday, at a meeting conducted in Mubarak's absence, the Supreme Military Council deliberated, with some supporting Mubarak but the majority determining that either Mubarak would go or the military would no longer be in control (especially with seemingly all of Egypt clamoring specifically for Mubarak to resign).

Mubarak's address last night was supposed to be his swan song, but instead he doubled down and said he's not going, and the demonstrators are a bunch of misguided youth. This morning, the military informed Mubarak that his services are no longer required, and the next general in line would be taking over.

Hurray! Democracy carries the day...

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